Пожаловаться. Tower Lord (Raven's Shadow #2) by Anthony Ryan . Raven's Shadow Book One_ Blood Song (Rav - Ryan, КБ. In Blood Song, Anthony Ryan introduced readers to a fascinating world of conflicting religions and the wars fought in the name of those faiths” (Library Journal). Quote: Tower Lord THE REALM BURNS. Vaelin Al Sorna is tired of war. He's fought countless battles in service to the Realm and Faith.

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Books have rhythm. Narratives have rhythm. When that rhythm is disrupted things fall apart very quickly. Tower Lord by Anthony has the rhythm. Tower Lord ab € als epub eBook: Book 2 of Raven's Shadow Orbit. Aus dem Bereich: eBooks, Belletristik, Fantasy, Medien > Bücher, Little, Brown Book. Anthony Ryan is the author of the Raven's Shadow novels, including Blood Song, Tower Lord, and Queen of Fire, and the Draconis Memoria novels, including.

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YQ44 '. Cover design by Judith Lagerman. Main map by Steve Karp, based on an original by Anthony Ryan. This is a work of fiction.

Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

Also, deep appreciation to my UK editor, James Long, for his support and commitment to this project. And finally, heartfelt thanks to my long-suffering second set of eyes, Paul Field. Standing tall as always, angular features turned towards the horizon, his cloak wrapped tight against the seaward chill. My initial puzzlement at finding him here faded as I caught sight of the ship leaving the harbour, a narrow-hulled vessel of Meldenean design, sent to the Northern Reaches with an important passenger, one I knew he would miss greatly.

He turned to regard my approach, a tight, wary smile on his lips, and I realised he had lingered to witness my own departure. Our interactions since the relief of Alltor had been brief, somewhat terse in truth, distracted as he was by the ceaseless tumult of war and whatever malady had plagued him in the aftermath of his already legendary charge. The fatigue that turned his once-strong features into a sagging mask of red-eyed lethargy and his strident if coarse voice into a droning rasp. It had faded now, I could see.


Recent battle seemed to have restored him somehow, making me wonder if he found some form of sustenance in blood and horror. Can it be? I wondered.

Is he seeking forgiveness? I'll accompany you. The reborn court of the Unified Realm had little time or inclination for ceremony. Naturally, our vessel was moored at the farthest end of the line. I knew his apparent indifference to this theft was at least partly derived from his gift; he could always simply pen fresh copies, and openly since the need to keep such things hidden had disappeared.

The Dark, as they called it, now revealed and discussed openly, the Gifted free to practice their talents without fear of swift torment and execution, at least in theory. I could see the lingering fear on the faces of those not so talented, and the envy, making me wonder if perhaps the wisest course would have been to keep the Gifted in the shadows.

But could shadows ever linger in the fires of war? Seeking out signs in the undergrowth of correspondence and memoir, tracking prey via the spoor of memory. I don't expect to find a complete and unbiased history of this thing, be it beast or man or neither.

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But it will have left traces, and I intend to hunt it down. Where is your certainty? I thought. It had been one of his most aggravating traits during our previous association; the implacable, unshakeable surety.

Now there was just a grim and troubled man weighed down by the prospect of trials to come. And you're right, the Ally will most likely see it all. Any more than your Emperor can expect to remain immune from the Ally's attentions.

Just ink, paper and wax, I thought. Yet it could send millions to war. We halted as we came to the ship, a broad-beamed Meldenean trader, her planking still scorched from the Battle of the Teeth, rails bearing the scars of blades and arrowheads, patches on the sails furled to the rigging.

My eyes were also drawn to the serpentine figurehead which, despite having lost much of its lower jaw, retained a certain familiarity. My gaze found the captain at the head of the gangplank, thick arms crossed, his face set in a glower, a face I recalled all too well. Enabled X-Ray: Book Series. Literary Fiction.

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Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. site Edition Verified download. What a disappointment! Blood Song is one of my favorite books ever, and I waited impatiently for the sequel for almost two years. Sadly, Tower Lord fell far short of my expectations. I had a very difficult time finishing the book.

Equally dividing the story among four characters made it hard to follow any one story line as it switched back and forth, and I thought the character development was lacking on Reva.

Vaelin played a relatively minor role in this book, and was just a shadow of the person he was in Blood Song. Things simply dragged. I can see where Mr. Ryan is going with this story, but I'm sorry to say I'm not sure if I want to continue the journey with him. Travis Hayden Top Contributor: Fantasy Books. Hardcover Verified download. Tower Lord was so different to the point that I though I was reading a completely different series.

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Not that any of that is a bad thing, in some ways it actually made the series and this book more enjoyable then the first! Tower Lord picks up 5 years after Blood Song ends and that is really all I can say without spoiling this book since it is a sequel. What I can tell you is we continue to follow the story of Vaelin Al Sorna, however this book now follows multiple perspectives and not just one. This was by far the biggest change from Blood Song and one I enjoyed very much.

Even though I do love my single perspective stories and Vaelin is an amazing protagonist. I can tell you that we follow 4 characters in total Vaelin, Lyrna from the first book, Reva who is newly introduced to this book, and one other returning character who I cannot mention because hello spoilers. Of the 4 perspectives we follow Reva and said character I shall not mention were by far the most entertaining to read from. Reva is this tough and strong willed female character whose story is quite emotional and powerful.

Anytime there was a Reva chapter I literally perked up. Now said character I cannot mention's story was heart wrenching. There were so many feelings going through my head while reading from their two perspectives. Lyrna was never boring but her chapters were definitely the more political side of the story. Vaelin, oh Vaelin, his chapters to me were a let down.

He went from being one of my favorite characters from the first book and I just feel like his chapters didn't really do much to push the story forward.

I still love his character though. He has got such a strong head on him. Definitely not one of those meat headed male characters in some series out in the world. Tower Lord's story is leaps and bounds better then Blood Song!! That is where this book does it for me. It has just the right amount of action and politics that is right for me! Also with Tower Lord we start to dive a little more deeper into the magic system in this world.

We kind of got a hint of it in Blood Song but we do learn more about it here. The magic in the Raven's Shadow series are known as Gifts and only certain people in the world are known as Gifted. If you are Gifted then you are looked at in a poorly manner of someone touched by the dark and who the Faith has abandoned.

I hope we get to discover more of the magic system in the final book because it is fairly fascinating. I think I will leave my review at that, on to the final book, Queen of Fire!! It begins very slowly and too much time is spent following characters who never really make a difference to the story. As it was I kept wondering when the book would become interesting and when any character would do something to engage or entertain me.

I'm still wondering. It was nice to see some of the characters from the first book, but it would have been nicer if they had done something interesting.

Much of the conflict in the first book was Valin trying to balance the competing interests of doing right by his comrades, his order, his king, his conscience, the memory of his mother, and his own desires. There is no internal conflict in this story, other than the initial superficial conflict Reva experiences.

Characters have clear desires and move toward their goals mindlessly. In the first book the Princess is everyone's favorite villain, although much like Janus she does have the interests of the realm at heart. In this book she is another robotic hero moving relentless towards her goals with none of the underhanded scheming and complex manipulation which filled book one. I'll still read the third book, but it won't be nearly as hard to wait for it to be published.

Some things have changes, most importantly the protagonists, while book 1 was all Vaelin, we now have multiple PoV's Game of Throne's style. Plot wise we have a serious war this time. The kingdom gets invaded by the evil slaver empire. The books is different from the first, but still very worth checking out, the overall world arch is also further shown, and turns out to be quite an interesting concept.

Characters stay layered and complex so no cardboard cutouts even on the evil side. Bonus points for actual plot resolution and no annoying cliffhangers. One person found this helpful. I feel a bit let down after the brilliance of Anthony Ryan's debut novel, Blood Song. Tower Lord follows four POVs Vaelin, Frentis, Lyrna, and a new character, Reva , and had so many supporting characters, I had trouble keeping them all straight even with the appendix in the back.

The pacing was incredibly slow in the first third, and it was difficult both remembering everyone and staying interested. Once the pacing picked up, it became an easier read. Surprisingly, I think I liked Lyrna best of all.

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Vaelin was, of course, a consistently admirable character. But overall, Tower Lord was a a disappointing and disjointed follow-up to Blood Song. It's as if another I can't believe this book.

It's as if another author took the place of the writer of Blood Song.Sorry Aegon, I'll make it up to you one day, but nothing personal. Maybe someone wanted to send him a message. Vaelin Al Sorna is tired of war. And he seems fairly insistent, much as I can gather from a fellow that don't talk above two words at a time. I wondered. English Choose a language for shopping.

Also, I know that most likely Aegon Targaryen was a better person than I made him out to be but I needed an excuse for Brienne's life to suck while she had a princess title. Fetch the Tower Lord to Brother Kehlan's tent!